Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Missing the boat?

We've now been in Antigua for a week and we have done a few days of painting the cottage.  We decided, though, that we were not getting enough time to search for boats towards Puerto Rico. Now we have moved to a small guest house in the capital of Antigua, St. John's. We have visited several marinas and cargo ship offices but no luck so far.  Annoyingly, we have missed a few boats by a matter of days and now a super yacht show is happening so we may not find a boat for at least a week which is past our deadline.  
We are also getting time to enjoy the sights of this small island, especially the beaches.

The third picture shows Mel enjoying improvising a knife to eat rescued peanut butter with fancy super yachts in the background. Who needs superyachts costing millions and costing the Earth when you have free peanut butter and a spare business card to make a knife from? 😆.

We've been following some of the news from the climate talks which is giving us food for thought on this very vulnerable Small Island Developing nation (SID). 

The last picture is the view from the guesthouse where we are staying now.  From here we can see the huge cruise ships coming and going with their own environmental issues.   


  1. How do you rescue peanut butter exactly? Sounds like a noble cause.

  2. A noble cause most certainly ;-). The cottage we were doing up had been apparently abandoned in haste with a fridge full of stuff which needed a very thorough clean (and some considerable holding of noses). We rescued what we could :-)