Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Greetings from Antigua

We safely made the short, night flight to Antigua on an old prop plane. We have been very lucky to get a workaway placement at very short notice. We are staying in a large, holiday villa whilst we help the owners to restore a small cottage ( with very small budget) alongside an Antiguan employee. We may get a chance to stay in the cottage as we have to move out of the villa by Friday. Our walk to work involves crossing this rickety old bridge and passing through 'butterfly woods' where there are hundreds of white butterflies.  Every white dot in the photo is a butterfly! We'll blog again soon when we have explored Antigua more.


  1. Looks and sounds heavenly. Loving the butterflies. Any idea what they are? Xx

  2. Ive finally caught up with you- somehow didn’t realise how to see the different entries. Doh! Glad to see your machete work didn’t result in any lost fingers. You’re both going to find muscles you didn’t know you had I’m sure. Xx