Saturday, 24 November 2018

End of Barbados placement

Our 2 weeks in Barbados are now at an end and we have created an educational nature trail. The central point of the trail has a variety of plants, both wild and cultivated, as well as a good view of the Atlantic. We tried to highlight food plants, from which we harvested a small selection (which we have enjoyed eating). We also had outings to other nearby conservation projects to get ideas.  In the photo you will see our host Teddy and his son Kevin, as well as the other volunteer Helen.

Apart from volunteering,  visiting projects and beaches,  we have spent a lot of time and energy in the last two weeks, trying to find a way to leave the island without flying.  Although we eventually had an offer from a fishing boat to take us to the Grenadines,  we reluctantly decided against as we had no onward offers and those islands are no nearer Puerto Rico. So... reluctantly we have decided to fly the next short leg.  On the positive side, we are taking a small,  low- flying turbo prop plane to Antigua. This is the lowest carbon flight possible.

So we're off tomorrow - next stop Antigua where we will continue our search for boats towards Puerto Rico.

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  1. Still looking lovely. Did you eat all that friut? how delicious.
    Hope you enjoy the next leg to Antigua, another beautiful island though we only visited briefly.
    Look forward to more updates sometime soon xx