Sunday, 9 December 2018

Cause and effect

After another night sleeping on the sail boat in Tortola harbour, we have taken a ferry to St Thomas.  We managed to get accommodation in a downstairs room in a hotel that was largely destroyed by the recent hurricanes and a hurricane related fire(in the second photo). It is the increasing severity of these hurricanes which made us more determined to travel here in as low carbon way as possible. The links between the changing climate and deadly hurricanes has not been lost on the islanders. In Antigua we visited this government establishment where electric vehicles, solar power and wind turbines are being adopted and promoted. Also, there was a nursery where various tree species are being grown and distributed to schools and parks.  This not only helps combat the causes of climate change but will, hopefully, make the island more self sufficient in the likely event of increasing climate catastrophe.


  1. Loving the name of that boat!

  2. Wonderful meeting you guys on the ferry from Tortola to St. Thomas. Let's stay in touch!

  3. Lovely to meet you two too! Always good to meet kindred spirits. Hope you found a good veggie place to eat - we had lovely veggie and vegan Caribbean platters at the ferry port :-)